Ultimate Pit Bull Toy

frequently asked questions about unbreakoball pit bull toys

What are the virtually indestructible balls made of?
Our Unbreakoball dog toys are made of a safe, non toxic high strength polyethylene plastic. This is the same type of material that is commonly used in most all food handling industries. Making the Unbreakoball one of the best dog toys on the planet.

Does the Unbreakoball dog ball bounce?
It does bounce, but not like a rubber ball because our virtually indestructible dog ball is made of thick hard plastic.

Can I put the Unbreakoball dog ball in the Dishwasher?
Yes our Unbreakoball dog ball toys are not only tough they are also dishwasher safe. Virtually nothing can hurt the Unbreakoball. It’s super durable.

Is the Unbreakoball dog ball a chew toy?
The intended use of the Unbreakoball dog ball is to be a fun, interactive dog ball that you can use & play with your pet. It is extremely durable and that is why we call it the virtually indestructible dog toy. But ...... anything can be damaged if you work hard enough at it that is why we do not recommend it as just a chew toy for dogs.

How can I make my dog be more interested in playing with the Unbreakoball dog toy?
We suggest putting small pieces of your dog’s favorite snacks inside the virtually indestructible Unbreakoball. But be warned you may want to stand back! Unbreakoball Pit Bull toys are a fun, safe, interactive toy for your dogs

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